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Monday, September 15, 2008

Birth day

I felt that my whole body was hot. The bottom of my back was hurting and so did my legs. I felt crumps in my stomach and it was driving me crazy. I tried paging the nurses by moving my hand between the serum’s tubes toward the button.

They finally came. They dragged me into another room. I was screaming out loud that I couldn’t control it. It was the convenient way to express my pain. The crumps turned to knifes cutting deeply my stomach and I felt things pushing into me.

I closed my eyes when the doctors came and put my legs wild open. I continued screaming hearing the nurses asking me one by one to push harder and feeling the doctor’s hands between my legs. I was feeling the thing going out of me, more than that liquid that came out few minutes ago, that thing was bigger and more painful than I thought.

I started pushing as I was told after being encouraged by my husband that just came in and stood beside me holding my hand and cleaning my sweaty face. I continued as I was, pushing and screaming, for few minutes while I was feeling the thing coming out and the doctor’s hand dragging it out gently. They kept asking me to push, until I hated that word, but I needed that thing to go out so I continued so.

I was enmeshed in the pain, when I felt the thing out of me completely, and heard it screaming to get the air to its lungs. I couldn’t open my eyes yet, I just laid my head back so I could relax my nerves even a little bit. I heard my husband saying how beautiful it was, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it myself.

I forgot about all the pain and the suffering the second I put my eyes on its beautiful tiny face. My husband carried it to me and said “This is Dana our beautiful girl, she looks just like you!”

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