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Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Vs Audiobooks

I have never thought of using audiobooks until few weeks ago when I couldn’t find a book on paper. When I listened to the first track I simply liked it. So I just put it in my IPod and played it in the car, while I’m shopping or while I’m cleaning around. It was just amazing.

I admit that audiobooks might be addictive especially when you like the book very much. I was trying to create spare time so I could run to my IPod, not for music but for the audiobook, or simply not take my headphones off while I’m doing things I have to do.

Audiobooks can be useful when you can’t use books that means while driving, while you are in the gym, while shopping or cooking.

But the thing is nothing could replace books. Nothing could replace that feeling that you get when holding the book, caressing the cover, reading word after word, reading again the sentence that makes you laugh or touches you.

We can’t give up, or replace books but we can add audiobooks to our shelves to complete our collections. Honestly, I know I will buy the book that I listened to, and I will read it again. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t get audiobooks again.

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