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Thursday, April 16, 2009

She did...

She looked at the people dancing at the loud music. Everyone was happy, she was numb. She left everything she wanted and loved behind and got back to the life she once ran away from. Even with her bad mood she was glowing in the jolly crowd; everyone was talking to her or about her.
She was wandering in the sparkling room with her black and purple traditional gown. Her glamorous Gucci shoes and her jewelry were making feel like home.

The bride kept asking for her. She knew she was the right person to give her consulting about style and look. Our young lady tried to do her job; she kept lifting up her cousin’s bride and tried to make her look remarkably fabulous.

After she finished she went to the ladies room to freshen up herself. She tried to feel good, to make her feelings go up every time she sees an old friend or one of her family members, but she always loses that battle.
She smiles with no spirit. It was nowhere to find; the spirit was lost. Her soul was empty.
She looked at her reflexion. Touched her face and tried to feel her skin to be sure she was still existing.
She fixed her makeup and got out trying to look alive. She smiled at the familiar faces trying to feel it more than fake it.

It was time for the bride to go in the huge room. The gossips went on. The bride was looking –as she made her look- mind-blowing. Everyone was jealous including M. Yes she finally felt something… Jealousy. Not of the bride’s fabulousness though, in fact she was proud of her successful project. But jealous of the whole situation.
She was 32, no men, no kids, no job. She was living again with her parents on her savings. She always wanted to get married and have a kid. She longed for the feeling of him inside her, for the unconditional love she will give him to make him the best person.

Her last boyfriend didn’t want to get married. At first she was okay with it but until when? She had to leave him anyway to come back to her country and listen to her mother’s talking about marriage and relationships.

The round of applause got her out of her thoughts. She sighed and tried to make her way to her table when she was captured by a familiar stranger’s eyes. They gazes fell into each other. Her heart beat violently. The blood rushed to her face made the color of the cheeks pouder increase.
She started feeling hot and clumsy. Something weirdly special was about him. He didn’t take off his eyes of her, and she didn’t want him to.

She was making up her mind: she liked him already.
She was feeling alive… Her heart pounding louder than the music in the big room. She was no longer paying attention to the crowd.

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