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Monday, July 20, 2009

The 99: Islamic Comic book

Inspired by Superman and Pokémon, Naif Al-Mutawa created the 99; the Islamic comic book illustrating the 99 attributions of Allah by 99 superheroes from 99 countries.

Naif had the idea after his comeback to Kuwait from the United States of America where he got his PhD in psychology. For him this is his contribution to Islam in order to develop the means of education.

The book was banned in the Saudi Arabia because even thus it’s based on the 99 attributions of Allah as in the Koran such as wisdom, light, strength and mercy and it educates the children about good values and helps them through life, but what seems as a problem for the conservative Muslims is that the book opposes to what Islam states as believing in Allah and asking him for help instead of asking individuals.

Naif raised money from businessmen of different countries after they believed in the project and hired the best crew that made X-Men and Power rangers’ comic books to make his idea and vision come true.
The book made great success in the middle East and attracted many reviewers around the world, most of them praised the work and described it as positive and more than just entertainment.

For me this is a great idea to share with the world the greatest attributions of Allah that we see in this world and through history. There are a lot of ways to help Islam grow up again and this is definitely one of them.

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