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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Palestine will be free by Maher Zain

It is my first time seeing a music video about Palestine in anime form. when it first started i was quite surprised but after few seconds i actually liked it.
It is also my first time listening to a song by Maher Zain, and this is a song from his new album "Thank you Allah".

I thought it was a good choice that his first MV was about Palestine. With everything that is still happening there it was just convinient.
The lyrics are written from the point of view of a child, the range of the palestinian population that suffers the most. He speaks about their daily struggle, about the violation of human rights and about their faith and believe that Palestine will be free.

The animation wasn't bad, it made me think of Space jam, where Michael Jordan was in the anime area with Bugs Bunny and the other guys. Maher was in the animated scene and somehow, even so the quality of it wasn't a hollywood style kind of thing, it looked good with the smoke and the effects. The drawing is good too, i liked how it gave the scenes a grunge look that described perfectly the tragedy as it is.

The music video tackled a very important subject for all muslims, and the issue was demonstrated in a very moving way.

And Palestine will be free inshallah.

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