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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love List

I was watching an episode of the Oprah show, when they were talking about laws of attraction. At first they talked about being positive, optimistic and how to expect success and all that talk that we can hear and read in self development books.

Then I heard the word “love list” and that enthralled me. Sure I heard it before, but not in that topic. It seemed important after few people presented their experiences and how making a love list can get you a lover, not that quick but you must have faith.

I was still dubious about that when I talked to one of my friends, and expressed my uncertainty about that. But I was shocked when she said that she already used it and it worked since she got those characteristics in the one she’s with right now.

I honestly say that I have never thought of writing a love list, because I was too busy dealing with my failed relationships. After what I heard I guess I’m gonna give it a try and write one. What about you? Are you willing to try? And don’t forget to have faith.

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