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Monday, September 22, 2008

Review: Wonder Girls' new MV

After the success of their last music video “So Hot” that had the style of spoiled, fine, cool, HOT girls, Wonder Girls are back with a new music video yet a new style, that I personally like so much.

“Nobody” it’s the title of their new song. The song is catchy and got a nice beat, with those little english words that you can find in it, like all the Korean pop songs.

The music video got the “dream girls” style; you know the cloths, the hair, the stage and everything from the 60s.

The MV starts with Park Jin Young, the director of JYP entertainment, singing, I don’t know why I find his voice funny. Maybe it is. But the funny thing is that he already released a music video of his own last year named "Kiss". The song that he sang in the begining of the girls' MV it's one of his, and as indicated in the music video it called "Honey", and it was released in 2006.

JYP is the singer who got stuck in the bathroom because of the lack of the toilet paper, and got replaced by his background singers. The girls did great, so they formed a group named Wonder Girls (like we didn’t know). They got famous, and sang in television, wearing their glorious dresses, that made them so skinny with flat tummies, and with their fabulous haircuts.

The girls looked beautiful and sexy, even Sohee (the only one that I don’t like in the group) was looking good. The dancing was simple and nice, as they always do, quick little moves that we could learn very fast, and that people could imitate and joke about.

Everything was good, and the minute I thought “that’s good Yoobin didn’t do her rap part, it’s not gonna be suitable anyway” Yoobin actually started her rap part, see how lucky I am. It wasn’t bad though, just not suitable, for the era, the clothes, even the dance.

I liked the finishing though (before JYP and the toilet, part 2), the last move and position, they looked nice. I’m one of the fans of K pop and I like JYP entertainment because they got more than a good artist like Big Bang (my favourite band) 2Am and 2Pm the new boy bands and Rain the one who’s making his debut soon in the United States

Apparently everyone admitted that the Wonder girls looked beautiful, and even if the idea of the music video is not new but it’s nice for a Korean group.

Even the famous Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton, called the song fab! and said that he loved it

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