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Saturday, October 4, 2008

MV review: Hot Girl by SeeYa

From the slow sad songs to the electronic upbeat rhythm, the Korean female band SeeYa changed radically the singing style making their new song “Hot girl” reveal the girls’ fun, hot and sexy side.

The music video got a fun spirit, with a colourful set and cloths, some wigs and easy but great dance moves. The girls were having fun dancing all over the place repeating as a chorus “One more time” in an electronic sweet voice. That chorus reminded me of “One more time” the song by Daft punk, they keep repeating that phrase in an electronic voice and it’s almost the same beat and rhythm too, I used to love that song.

So the three female changed their destined listeners from depressing sad and heart broken ones to cheerful, fun, and life loving ones. They’re apparently, and correct me if I’m wrong, trying to take off that image that they’ve been representing since their first album in 2006. I personally know few songs of them, like two or three, and they made me sad and broke my heart. So I wasn’t so much of a listener because I don’t like sad songs, but when I saw that music video I liked it, and I liked the idea of changing the style and losing it up sometimes.

I was browsing in a Japanese music web site when I found SeeYa’s MV and I noticed that 61 viewers have seen the video but for their other songs the highest number was 6. I believe that this song will make a big difference in the girls’ career, they had so many awards and prices for their previous albums and singles but this time it’s going to be their big hit.

To make it short, the song is one of those hits that you could listen to all the time without getting tired. You could just put it in your car and raise the volume to the max and drive around to prove you’re cool and fun.

the video:

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