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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Book review: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

After I read Twilight, and as for many readers, I grew attached to Edward. Bella in the other hand was just one normal character for me, even though she was the main character and the one telling the story, I had a hard time sympathizing with her. 

Bella Swan, the daughter of the town’s sheriff, fell in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. She went through many problems because of her boyfriend’s nature. The Cullens decided to leave town to make Bella safe and get her normal life back. That's how the second book of the Twilight series begins and left me in big disappointment as Edward had to leave the pages and left me and Bella face to face. 

When I started reading more, I found that that's how Bella succeeded to get my attention, and make me feel her pain during what she was going through. I actually had been drowned by those pages, and attracted by the style and the use of the description. 

But after thinking things through, I could see that Bella was over reacting during the absence of her vampire. She was a lot negative and suicidal than it should be. And she didn’t calm down until another guy came giving her care and attention. It was bad example for teenage girls, to make them believe that they can’t live without the one they love. 

As for Edward, he was one dependant vampire that I’ve never seen anyone alike. Usually vampires are not that attached to their lovers, even the ones that are mainstreaming. But Edward broke the tradition and grew more dependant and attached to his “prey”. He put it the right way when he said “The lion fell for the lamb.” For me that's not a bad thing, but for other vampires... that is breaking the law. But Bella had already made up her mind when it comes to crossing to dark side and entering the mysterious world.

Jacob, the werewolf from La Push, couldn’t get me to like him. Him being a werewolf was another reason for me not to like him. I’m more a vampire girl. 
The events were expected but the smoothness of the story made it enjoyable and pleasant. 

Edward and Bella, the famous couple, had moved me by the sacrifices that they did for each other. The death was going to be the price for not living without each other. 

The scenes were touching, and the events were in row that you can’t let go of the pages to do anything else. It was like nibbling on a piece of an ice cream bar not willing to let it finish.
To sum it up, I really enjoyed the book more than I expected. The story is easy to read and the events made it easy to follow.

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  • At January 24, 2009 at 3:12 PM , Blogger Gwen said...

    to me edward is soo sexy like i pictured jae joong bella well to be honest i was jealous of her! because of me thinking ed is jae eitherway twilight is good book did you see the movie i think u did


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